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七月 11th, 2019  |  9159金沙官网

Tokyo Love Story was a Japanese TV show, which first ran in 1991. It
proved to be a widely influential success. Therefore, it was not out of
expectation that many TV shows such as Beijing Love Story came up and
even a song named Guangzhou Love Story. The Tokyo Love Story centered
around four people living in Tokyo with their complicated love
Nagao Kanji was the very hero and Akana Rika was the responding heroin.
The rest two were Mikami Kenichi and Sekiguchi Satomi. Of all the
characters, I liked Rika the best. It started with Kanji who left for
Tokyo for his new job, and Rika picked him up in the airport. Rika was
so straight that the first time she met Kanji she gave him a nickname
called Ball, regardless of Kanji’s disapproval. (Kanji sounds like ball
in Japanese.) Watching this, I believed us audience share the same
feeling that how could this girl be so overbearing to a new male
colleague? We can also conclude that Kanji wasn’t a tough man, the kind
with strong character, and Rika, despite of her overbearing manner, was
an outgoing and easygoing girl.
Rika acted as a free bird heading for the sky, full of energy. She
noticed Kanji wore a doleful face walking in heavy steps. Then she asked
why. He said it was just the unknown future and he’s wondered how
everything would go on. Rika thought in a different way. She told him it
was because of its unknown and the various possibilities in life that we
should be cheerful. What a philosophic thinking!
From then on they began to know each other.
As the show went on, Mikami Kenichi and Sekiguchi Satomi turned up as
Kanji’s high school classmates. These two people had very character. In
this show I liked Satomi the less. She was the kind of conservative
woman. Wherever she went, there was a disaster. Each time she got
trouble with Mikami, she came to Kanji. Each time she came to Kanji,
Kanji left Rika alone. Each time Kanji left Rika alone, Rika felt
There was once that Rika and Kanji was supposed to meet at a restaurant
having supper. Then Kanji got an emergency with Sekiguchi so he didn’t
come to meet Rika. Not knowing of what happened, Rika waited in the
restaurant alone. Kanji didn’t show up until the restaurant was closed
and Rika stood outside the restaurant in the cold, rainy winter night,
keep waiting. She’s almost exhausting herself when she saw him. How
silly she was!
Each time this upsetting circle occurred, I can’t help blaming Sekiguchi
fiercely. I just can’t control my rage. How can you disturb this
matching couple when you couple can’t get on well? The worst part was,
Rika always set this upsetting stuff aside and tomorrow you can still
see the bright and happy Rika.
9159金沙官网 ,I’m quite agreeing on her view of love.
I can’t forget the part when Sekiguchi told Rika the reason she chose
Kanji instead of Mikami was because of his loyalty, kindness and she
don’t need to worry about everything when she’s with him. While Rika
sitting aside asked whether she loved him, Sekiguchi was puzzled and
ask,”Doesn’t all this mean I love him?” “No. Love is love. It isn’t
related to anything.” She loved Kanji from the bottom of her heart. It
was a pure love, by no purpose.
When Mikami asked her whether she’s annoyed about Kanji’s love to
Sekiguchi, she asked why. “Well, you love him while the one he love is
she.” “So what’s it?Yes I love him, but who he love is none of my
business. ” What a brave girl!
I can’t decide whether Tokyo Love Story was a comedy or a tragedy. But I
don’t really like its end. Anyway, it was one of my favorite TV shows.
It was from this show that I build up my values on love. Yes, Love is
love. It isn’t related to anything.

*      For years I’ve been a girl who practices “Look before you leap”
all the time. Hearing this, you may regard me as a rational girl.
However, I’m not. Thinking it over may be a good thing while thinking
too much is quite another thing. Unfortunately, I’m the latter.


*    At the beginning ,I’d like to ask you a question? Have you ever
called a friend(including your BF/GF) without hesitation when it’s not
necessary? You might wonder why I raise such a silly question? Isn’t it
obvious that the answer is of course? When we fall in love with someone,
isn’t it natural to call him/her whenever you feel the sense of missing.
Believe it or not, my answer is no, never. I’ve never called a friend
without hesitation, even my BF. I’m not kidding you. And I’m not lying.
I’m just such kind of person who thinks too much. No matter how I want
to hear his voice, before I click the dial button, thousands of ideas
crowd my mind. Is he busy now? Will he be bothered by me? What if he
doesn’t expect my calling? Will he think I’m a troublesome GF and
gradually be fed up with me? After asking myself so many questions, the
impulse to call escaped. Luckily, there’s one human-friendly thing named
“text message”. If I want to call someone, I’ll send him a message
first. If he is available, he’ll usually call me back. Then another
question puzzles me, will he think I’m so stingy that I send message to
suggest he phone back in order to save my mobile phone fare? As time
goes by, I form the habit not to contact my friends on my own
initiative. Thinking too much makes others take me as an arrogant girl
since I never contact them. What’s worse, at that time, X was my BF. He
complained many times about it .In today’s words he thought he might
have an unreal GF. finally he can’t stand it. We broke up. I hate myself
so much but I just couldn’t change myself.*


*    Things didn’t change until I met Melody. We were roommates during
our internship in the summer of 2015.Although we do different intern
jobs, under that circumstance, summer holiday,, while others are
traveling around, we , two junior-to-bes shared a bed in a renting room,
live as economically as possible, we easily become fellow sufferers.
Sometimes after a day’s tiring work, we lay on the bed, chatting. I told
her how much I adore her, since she’s always full of positive energy.
She can do so many things alone without caring about what others think.
While I think eating in the restaurant alone can be weird, running alone
looks stupid,calling friends may bother others, etc. I thought she must
laugh at the me the next moment. She didn’t, rather she encouraged me,
she invited me to run with her the next morning. During our running, she
said to me, look, Polly, there are so many people who run alone. Do you
think they look stupid? No, of course not. I replied. That’s it. You
just think too much. Be confident. It’s not a big deal. If you run
alone, people will only think you’re a person who cares about your
health by action. Eating alone shows your love for life. Also, call your
friends when you miss them. Maybe she’s missing you at the same time. If
she’s available, she’ll answer the phone and you can have a nice chat.
if not, she’ll call you later. It’s just so simple. But if you don’t
call, she’ll never know that she is an important friend to you.
Suddenly, my world was righted. I told her I’ll try.*


However, easier said than done. I tried but I still couldn’t help
thinking that much. Then the speech contest of the national scholarship
came. It’s the third but also the last chance for me to be named as
“Cai  eight thousand”. I failed last two times not only because I wasn’t
that excellent but also for the reason that thinking too much got in the
way for me to ask experienced seniors for help. I was afraid that they
would think I’m showing off that I’ve got such opportunity. Again. I was
standing at the intersection. Melody was a wonderful speaker and she won
the national scholarship last year. Nothing can be better but to turn to
her. But will she be willing to share her experience, will she  look
down upon me ? I began to think. Suddenly , there’s a voice in my heart
saying “don’t think too much. it’s not a big deal, Go and ask her.” For
the first time, I picked up the phone and called her. I told her why I
called and also talked about my struggling. She was mad and shouted at
me how dare you be tangled. You silly girl .Did you forget what I told
you last summer? Isn’t it better to use the time you wasted on tangling
to hunt a good job? I’m always ready to help since you’re my friend,
Then she told me what I can prepare for the contest. With her help, I
performed well at the contest. Finally, I can be named as “Cai Eight
Thousand”. Although it’s not all because of the speech, I learned a lot.
If I hadn’t think too much, I could have been “Cai 16 thousand” now, If
I hadn’t think too much, I could save much time. If I hadn’t think too
much, I could be a much better me.

I noticed the paper ball in a trash bin at first sight. Its shape was so
unique that I almost felt I had a responsibility to take a look at what
was written on it. It was a printed love letter. Not a complete one.

So my dear friends, don’t think too much. When you miss someone, go and
tell him/her. When you need help, just turn to your friends or anyone
around you. when you hesitate, just ask yourself is that really what you
want, if the answer is yes, do it, no ,quit it.

“It was not until I met you that I started to feel that my life had some
meanings. Before I met you, all I did was sitting on the chair and
counting people who came to this bookstore. I was a ship without
compass. Time meant nothing to me. Everyday was the same. You entered my
life and made everything different. Every day at 5pm is my festival. You
enter from the side door and go directly to the shelves of philosophy
books. I guess you’re a philosopher like Albert Camus because you’re
just as charming as him. I know nothing about philosophy. I’m just a
bored bookstore cashier who doesn’t even have a college degree. Isn’t
this crazy? I don’t even know your name but I’m thinking of you all the

“…You didn’t come to the bookstore today. You didn’t come for the last
five days. I feel you will never ever come again…”

It was really a crappy love letter, but somehow it intrigued me. It
looked like an excerpt from a book, and I was sure it didn’t sell well.
I was not interested in the person who wrote the letter, but that
charming man the author was depicting. I felt envious.

Even though I knew the chances were slim, I went to a local bookstore
and asked the staff there if they happened to know what book it was. I
asked those who wore glasses first because they seemed more
intellectual. No one knew. Eventually I saw a woman who sat at the
cashier desk. Her face looked like twenty years old but the look on her
face made her twenty years older. I could never imagine doing a job that
you repeated the same thing every day –  for her it was probably every
five minutes.

To my surprise, she was apparently very familiar with the book I was
looking for.

“It was full of nonsense, a completely boring book.”

“What is it about?”

“The boring life of a boring bookstore cashier,” She sounded bitter,
probably because it reminded of her own life, “the cashier should really
be ashamed by this letter she wrote. Hopeless love. He will never notice

“Can you please help me find that book?” The words “hopeless love”
ignited me.

“Trust me. It is a waste of your time.”

“Please.” I was almost begging.

She was not willing, but raised her hand and pointed a direction. “All
the way to the end. The third shelf on your left.”



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